7 ways to save on groceries!

Published on Bankrate

Supermarket savings

Food is expensive these days, so grocery shoppers must be diligent in looking for bargains. To help, Bankrate has compiled a few tips from experts on how to save money on groceries, no matter where you shop.

First off, know your store’s sale cycle.

“Almost everything in the grocery store follows a six-week sales cycle,” says Vince Russo, CEO of Keycode.com, a promotion code aggregate website. “If something is at its lowest price this week, it will probably be at its lowest price again in another six weeks. Buy enough now to get you to the next sale and you won’t ever have to pay full price for that item again.”

Russo says some products cycle on a regular basis. For example, toilet paper and cereals cycle out about every eight weeks. He advises shoppers to be prepared for sales that are unique to their local stores.

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