Radical retirement: Can you retire in your 30s or 40s? What you need to know


Many workers would love to retire in their mid-30s or early 40s to enjoy their youth, health and families. But is this realistic?

Retiring super early can be a downright dangerous idea, says Mike Lynch, vice president of strategic markets at Hartford Funds.

“If you stop funding your retirement and start using it 30 years ahead of schedule,” says Lynch, “it is therefore unlikely that you will receive Social Security benefits. And if you do, the amount will be significantly reduced due to early retirement.”

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Is investing in a crowdfunding project right for you? By Ana Gonzalez Ribeiro • Bankrate.com

Looking for a place to put your money in a cause you believe in? Interested in investing your money in a new business? Whatever you choose, crowdfunding is the vehicle for investment.

The hip-hop group De La Soul was recently involved in a monthlong campaign on the Kickstarter crowdfunding platform and raised more than $600,000 from its fans. The goal was to help the group resurface and finish its new album, increase marketing, produce videos and set up tours.
About $10 billion in crowdfunding transactions occurred globally in 2014.

Even the money for the “Veronica Mars” movie came from Kickstarter. The sponsors offered rewards such as copies of the movie, and for those who gave a lot more money, a role as an extra in the movie.

But before you put your money into a crowdfunding campaign, do your research and make sure you know what you are funding.

“Avoid making it an emotional decision. You want to make it a business decision. You have to know what you are getting into, unless you feel like this is money you can afford to lose and the project is something you passionately believe in,” says Peter Crosby, chief marketing officer of DreamFund.com. Make sure you are comfortable with the risk.

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7 investing tips for 40-somethings By Ana Gonzalez Ribeiro • Bankrate.com

Your investment goals change as life changes.

In your 20s, you are starting a new career or looking for one. In your 30s, you begin to settle down, maybe get married, have kids and buy a home.

Then come your 40s, when you’re looking at retirement more closely, saving for your kids’ college and searching for ways to make your money work for you.

If you’ve reached that point, the money you are earning or already have earned must be put to work to fund future plans.

Here are a few recommendations.

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One Mompreneur’s Story: Tennis Great Gigi Fernandez Interview for CurrentMom.com

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Well, not really. Olympic gold medalist Gigi Fernandez knows how it difficult it is. Since the age of three, Fernandez yearned to play the sport she loved most, tennis. Even though her parents knew she had a talent for tennis, her eye and hand coordination skills were very good, her parents resisted her begging for lessons until age 7.
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Some high yield savings accounts to be thankful for – SavingsAccount.com

Savings accounts with better interest rates can be found this holiday season. American Express, Ally Bank and Everbank are just a few of the many banks offering some of the highest savings rates available on their online savings accounts. Deposits held in these online accounts are FDIC-insured through the parent bank up to $250,000 per depositor.

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Ace the Class: Studying, Note Taking, and Homework Tips – WorldWideLearn.com

Hispanic students can achieve a higher education. Whether you choose to obtain a college education through an online degree program or through the more traditional method of campus learning, you will have access to tons of information that will help you reach your educational goals. The hardest part will be doing the work required to obtain that goal, however with dedication, tenacity and focus, you will get there.

There are several tactics you can use when it comes to polishing their study skills for classes. Whether students want to improve their grades or get a head start in schoolwork, there are ways to accomplish it. One of the hardest things is to get started on a project, but Latino students whose aim it is to reach the finish line of higher education can do it. Here are a few tips:
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¿Saliendo de Casa? Una Lista de Quehaceres para Asistir a una Universidad Lejos de Casa / Moving Away? Checklist for Attending College Away from Home – WorldWideLearn.com

Attending college is an exciting time in a students’ life. The day the acceptance letter arrives marks the culmination of wishes and hopes and the beginning of a dream come true for many Hispanic students. Now the fun begins. Since preparation is key to a smooth transition, here are a few things you will need when the day finally arrives to start your new adventure.
When moving out, the support of family and friends is priority, after this, there are certain basic necessities you will need to take with you.
Living on your own can bring a whole new level of responsibility to your life. Some of the basics to consider when packing up are everyday items like kitchen, storage, laundry, office and desk supplies.
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A 60 second guide to money transfers – MoneyBlueBook.com

Nowadays, transferring money to friends and relatives is easy. Gone are the days when the only option we had was to mail a check that would take days for the recipient to receive it, and then more time for it to clear. That was ages ago!
Now you can pay your mortgage, electric and telephone bills online or send money instantly to an ailing family member or as a gift to a friend. Want to send money, but not sure which service to use? Here’s an overview of some of the most popular types of money transfers that can help you pick the best one for you.
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Hispanic students who have served in the military have a number of options to help cover higher education costs. Like any other student, veterans are eligible for federal and state grants, scholarships, and loans. Most schools also offer some form of financial aid and many have Veterans Affairs Offices to provide administrative assistance to veterans and their eligible dependents. Contact your financial aid office for more information and resources that are available for higher education funding.

The United States Department of Veteran Affairs has a number of programs available to provide financial assistance for education. You can find additional details–and additional programs–at their Web site.

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We all invest with the hopes that one day we will have enough money to live off our investments. The question remains, can a regular investor like us really beat the market? Do we have what it takes to win over the middlemen and institutions that have millions or even billions invested in the market? According to Terrance Odean, a finance professor at the University of California, Berkley’s Haas School of Business, “Many of the mistakes investors make come from a lack of any understanding of the innate disadvantages they face.”
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7 uncommon ways to save for the holidays – Bankrate.com

Families who’ve been hit with unemployment, foreclosure and higher credit card fees are tightening their belts and coming up with creative ways to save money on holiday gift giving.
Ideas such as taking no-spending months, giving the gift of manual labor and using accumulated credit card reward points to buy gifts are ingenious ways that folks can save on gifts.
Here are some nifty and resourceful ways people are saving for the holidays.
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Food is expensive these days, so grocery shoppers must be diligent in looking for bargains. To help, Bankrate has compiled a few tips from experts on how to save money on groceries, no matter where you shop.

First off, know your store’s sale cycle.

“Almost everything in the grocery store follows a six-week sales cycle,” says Vince Russo, CEO of Keycode.com, a promotion code aggregate website. “If something is at its lowest price this week, it will probably be at its lowest price again in another six weeks. Buy enough now to get you to the next sale and you won’t ever have to pay full price for that item again.”

Russo says some products cycle on a regular basis. For example, toilet paper and cereals cycle out about every eight weeks. He advises shoppers to be prepared for sales that are unique to their local stores.

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Best ETFs For An Early Retirement


Exchange-traded funds, or ETFs , are a good way to build a retirement portfolio. They are low-cost, provide plenty of diversification because they track specific indexes and they provide certain tax benefits. Folks looking to retire early, or at least with a solid portfolio, can use ETFs as one of their building blocks.

You’ll need to start saving early in order to have enough funds to accommodate your desired lifestyle after retirement , and the earlier the better. Since stocks drive a portfolio and bonds provide security, when you begin building your retirement portfolio it should consist primarily of stocks, and later on, as you are approaching retirement it should include bonds.
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